Glocal Justice (Ethics & Social Justice 2106)

The full resource e-package is available for viewing and download in this folder.

So, what is this resource?
This is a supplementary resource for the course called “Ethics & Social Justice 2106” from Newfoundland and Labrador’s provincial high school curriculum. You can view the curriculum guide at this link. It is also an excellent resource for similar social justice, citizenship, ethics and civics classes in other provinces and countries. This resource is very comprehensive, including a total of 30 lesson plans. Just as the curriculum outcomes are organized, this resource is divided into eight units.

  1. Unit One (SCOs 1.1-1.2): Foundations of Social Justice and Social Activism
  2. Unit Two (GCO 2): Belief Systems and Social Justice
  3. Unit Three (SCOs 3.1-3.2, 4.2): Women’s Rights and Gender Equality
  4. Unit Four (SCOs 4.1-4.4): Families, Work and Equity
  5. Unit Five (SCOs 5.1-5.4): Media, Persuasion, Trade
  6. Unit Six (SCOs 6.1-6.3): Rights and Communities: Locally and Globally
  7. Unit Seven (SCOs 7.1-7.6): The Ethics of Life and the Environment
  8. Unit Eight (SCOs 8.1-8.6): Life, Security and Personal Worldview

It includes the links, articles, course notes, assignments and any other resources that you will need to use it in your classroom. Please feel free to use all or parts of the resource; we just ask that you don’t re-market it as your own.

Where did it come from?
It was created by Beth Peddle and a team of volunteers from the Global Citizenship Initiative. [More information about why we did this!]

… And why should I use this over other resources?

Also, I believe students will develop new skills and perspectives from this resource.
Students deserve the opportunity to learn about this material, and teachers deserve support in delivering this new content. [A note from the author about why this matters.] Try it out! Use this resource to ignite conversations and action around these important issues. Let me know if I can support you and your class in any way—no matter where you are in the world.